New Stuff Update (04.19.17)

We now have exclusive content membership access at the store! So what do members get? Access to never before published images as well as exclusive personalized swag.

Can’t get enough of your favorite model? Have their pictures served up to you weekly through our exclusive membership! What better way to have your site-exclusive Lhea Bernardino fix served to you on a regular basis all throughout the year. For the fans of Lhea, you get all unpublished (and sexier) shots from the Hello Lhea gravure book.

Check out some sampler images below!

Get the 12-month option, and we’re throwing in Jinri’s Ruin Your Childhood shirts for free as part of our opening promo! Of course while supplies last, so be the first one to get them! To top it off, 12-month subscribers would also get Lhea Bernardino swag mailed to you doorstep.

But of course, if you want to have a taste of our awesome membership, we’re giving out 1-month free trials!


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