New Stuff Update (01.07.17)

Happy New Year guys!

Hope you guys had a wonderful holidays. We’re excited to roll out new products at the store.

But first, let’s wish our favorite Korean hottie, Jinri the best of luck at her stint in the Big Brother house! We’re are all rooting for her to win. Speaking of Jinri, we have lots of her goodies in store for you guys in the upcoming weeks. Collectibles for the craziest of Jinjas.

Unfortunately, this means that our muse would unavailable to sign anything until the show ends. Sorry folks!

We’ve also been getting a couple of requests to release our Macross series. So we listened to you guys and finally made the listing this last weekend. Personally, I’m a big Macross fan since I was a kid, and to create images from the anime have always lingered in my head for quite some time. I even watch it up until this day with their latest series, Macross Delta.

All cosplay prints are donated to charity. It’s just our way of giving back to the community. So if you buy one of these prints, you’re giving a portion of your love to the children at Cribs Foundation, Inc. They have been my charity of choice for several years now.

And even for more throwback stuff, I managed to dig up old videos we haven’t edited for ages.. and finally got them out. Hahahaa. These are from the early cosplay shoots we had with Jinri and Rhian.. Hence I also thought of putting up their prints at the store too.

Until the next update!

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